Cat Grooming FAQs

Do Cats Get Groomed?

We have years of experience working with all different kinds of animals and it is our goal to give your feline friend the most enjoyable, relaxed, positive pamper experience.

Please read this information to help you prepare your cat for grooming.




What do you do to help keep cats calm in the salon?

Cats feel a lot better when they feel in control of their environment. Anything that interrupts their feeling of control can make cats unhappy. Over time this can raise your cat’s stress levels and lead to anxiety.

To feel in control, cats will carefully mark their home with “happy messages” (or pheromones). This happens each time a cat rubs its face against furniture or nuzzles against your legs.

We use Feliway spray and diffusers to help calm your cat in the salon. Feliway is a synthetic pheromone that can be sprayed onto surfaces or diffused into the room environment.

Is there any medication I can give my cat to calm them before grooming?

There is a safe easy to administer mild anti-anxiety oral medication which can be prescribed to your cat prior to their visit. This is advised for cats displaying a stress score of 3-4.

It is a prescription medication, and you will need to consult your vet before using. At Hills Grooming we are next door to Sydney Animal Hospitals who are our veterinary partner and consult with our clients and their cats on our protocol and medication recommendations.

Do you ever recommend sedation for cat grooming?

Cats which score a 5-6 may require a General Anaesthetic (GA) for grooming. Cats which require a GA are those that are too stressed, can put the groomer in danger of injury (bites, scratches) and those cats that are badly matted.

If your cat is known to be intolerant of the grooming process, even with our Fear Free Cat, protocols we recommend a general anaesthetic for grooming.

A full GA is conducted next door at Sydney Animal Hospitals, under the supervision of a vet and nurse, plus our cat groomer.

SAH policy is to use a full GA and not sedation, as a GA is more controlled, safer for the cat and has less complications than sedation alone.

At Hills Grooming we are experienced and trained in advising the best options for your particular cat. Once your cat has a regular grooming visit and is known to our team, we will be able to customise the procedure to the individual.


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