Grooming Services

  • Bath and blow dry
  • Hygiene clip
  • All over clip
  • Breed-specific styling
  • Tick clip
  • Scissor styling
  • Strip out

All grooming services include bath and blow dry, nail clip and an ear pluck and clean.
Grooming prices are an estimate only. Prices vary depending on coat length and condition, breed, size, weight and style.

Call for pricing, or alternatively, follow the ‘Book Here’ link on our home page where all prices are available. 

Coat matting and other difficulties may increase price.

Extra services without grooming

Nail clip (dog and cat) – $18
Nail clip, ear pluck and clean – $21
Anal glands – $19
Medicated shampoo – $10
Flea shampoo and rinse – $10

Pick up and drop off services available

Pick up – $20
Drop off – $20
Pick up and drop off – $30

No sedation is used at this salon. Aggressive dogs will be referred to a veterinary hospital.

Doggy Day Care

Do you prefer not to leave your dog home alone?
Does your dog have separation anxiety?
Is your dog afraid during thunderstorms, suffering from storm phobias?
Are you worried he is going to escape from the yard?
Do you need him out of the yard for the day while the house is being sprayed or inspected?
Why not book him into our Doggy Day Care?

up to 10kg – $25
10.1 to 20kg – $35




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